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"Flala" APP is a global chat software based on personal non-private interaction data developed by Shenzhen Danta Huyu Technology Co., Ltd. Under the premise of protecting user privacy, the APP helps users publish or discover high-quality content of interest, meet more in-tune friends through text, video, and voice calls, and realize real-time cross-language interaction without borders through real-time translation and creative interaction.

The original intention of the "Flala" APP is that everything is based on real data, to bring users closer to each other in various regions of the world, and to try to solve users' anxiety, loneliness and cross-border barrier-free communication in socialized existence. It is a product that "has temperature" and "knows you".


Plaza de usuario

There are male and female users from all over the world. Users can select users in the corresponding language or region by filtering. At the same time, we will analyze the user's usage habits and recommend the favorite user type to achieve "thousands of people and thousands of faces". 

Chat grupal

Chat with multiple people at the same time, support real-time translation of languages in various regions, find more people who share your interests, and form your own "circle" to gather other partners to maintain and manage together.

Chat de audio y video

Real-time audio and video chat, with international common interaction methods, zero barriers and zero distance for cross-border interaction and communication.

Espacio dinámico

Un lugar de encuentro para almas interesantes. En el cuadrado dinámico, los usuarios pueden publicar libremente información dinámica, ver la dinámica de otros en cualquier momento e interactuar entre sí. El tema oficial guía UGC.

Récord de mercado

Downloads are growing rapidly

Las descargas están creciendo rápidamente

ios, Google Play Store Social App The load has exceeded 2 million, and it has been online for a month. Top 5 in Vietnam download list and paid list
80% coverage in Asia

Cobertura del 80% en Asia

Starting from Vietnam, it will gradually cover Thailand. Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan Korea and other regions
Daily active growth

Crecimiento activo diario

The average usage time of active users is 1.8h, The number of daily active users exceeds 486,000 and continues growing rapidly

La función principal

Un espacio social ilimitado que pertenece a todos